Welcome to Piazza Grande Boutique Hotel and Restaurant!We are delighted to announce that our restaurant will open soon and the hotel on May 17th.Book now to ensure an unforgettable experience!

Discover the new Piazza Grande Boutique Hotel in Locarno:11 newly renovated rooms to fully enjoy the heart of the city. Book now and experience staying in the center of Locarno at our boutique hotel.We are here waiting for you!

Discover the new Piazza Grande Boutique Hotel in Locarno: 11 newly renovated rooms to fully enjoy the heart of the city. Book now and experience staying in the center of Locarno at our boutique hotel. We are here waiting for you!

La Piazza Grande

In the heart of Locarno, in Piazza Grande.

Piazza Grande in Locarno offers: shows, concerts, coffee with friends, chats, laughter and much more. Stay in the heart of the city and experience the unique feeling of being part of everything that happens. Moreover, the hotel’s strategic location, just a stone’s throw from the train station, makes it easy to visit the beautiful surrounding cities and valleys.

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The Piazza Grande Boutique Hotel, opened in 2023, combines the comfort of the city center with the charm of a renovated ancient palace, offering 11 rooms with all amenities. Restaurants, the train station, and the bus network are located nearby, making it ideal for exploring the city. Book your stay in our new hotel to enjoy hospitality and comfort at your fingertips.

The Piazza Grande Boutique Hotel, opened in 2023, combines the comfort of the city center with the charm of a renovated ancient palace, offering 11 rooms with all amenities. Restaurants, the train station, and the bus network are located nearby, making it ideal for exploring the city. Book your stay in our new hotel to enjoy hospitality and comfort at your fingertips.

Restaurant and bar

Free Wi-Fi

Air conditioning


Disabled access

Central location

10 minutes walk from the station

Municipal parking 250m away

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Explore the picturesque alleys of Locarno’s old town, reach the Brissago Islands on Lake Maggiore by boat, venture into the surrounding valleys with a backpack, or visit one of our museums. Choose your adventure, because you are in the heart of Locarno. Book your stay today and experience the wonders of Italian Switzerland.

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